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Annual Holiday Party 2022

Annual Holiday Party 2022

Oh, what a great time we had! After a two year hiatus, we had over 140 survivors, family members, SCC staff and other folks from our community gather to eat, dance and enjoy one another’s company! A special thank you to the members of the Consumer Advisory Council who hosted the event, King Street Bluegrass who provided wonderful entertainment, and our resident photographer, Jenifer Morris, who captured such JOY.

002_Dec 2022 SCC Holiday Party_JeniferMorrisPhotography
017_Dec 2022 SCC Holiday Party_JeniferMorrisPhotography
018_Dec 2022 SCC Holiday Party_JeniferMorrisPhotography
021_Dec 2022 SCC Holiday Party_JeniferMorrisPhotography
024_Dec 2022 SCC Holiday Party_JeniferMorrisPhotography
025_Dec 2022 SCC Holiday Party_JeniferMorrisPhotography
027_Dec 2022 SCC Holiday Party_JeniferMorrisPhotography
032f_Dec 2022 SCC Holiday Party_JeniferMorrisPhotography
036_Dec 2022 SCC Holiday Party_JeniferMorrisPhotography
045_Dec 2022 SCC Holiday Party_JeniferMorrisPhotography
049_Dec 2022 SCC Holiday Party_JeniferMorrisPhotography
050_Dec 2022 SCC Holiday Party_JeniferMorrisPhotography
057_Dec 2022 SCC Holiday Party_JeniferMorrisPhotography
068_Dec 2022 SCC Holiday Party_JeniferMorrisPhotography
071_Dec 2022 SCC Holiday Party_JeniferMorrisPhotography
101_Dec 2022 SCC Holiday Party_JeniferMorrisPhotography
109_Dec 2022 SCC Holiday Party_JeniferMorrisPhotography
144_Dec 2022 SCC Holiday Party_JeniferMorrisPhotography
154_Dec 2022 SCC Holiday Party_JeniferMorrisPhotography
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2022 Stroke Comeback Trail

2022 Stroke Comeback Trail

A big thanks to our entire Stroke Comeback Center community for making this year’s Stroke Comeback Trail a huge success! We had over 200 participants, ranging in ages from 3 to 90 years old, from 17 states as well as Australia and the United Kingdom!

Once again our community came together to support survivors and their families along their road to recovery. Together we proved that there are no stop signs on that journey!

Stroke Comeback Center would like to extend a special thank you to our Platinum Sponsor, Adventist HealthCare who continues to support our work and stroke survivors in the greater Washington, DC area.

Congratulations to our prize winners – Lawrence Dilworth of Team LAD for the largest team, Matthew Sullivan and his team Fight Back Against Stroke for the most fundraising dollars, and Sandra Ingram and her team A Family Affair for her social media posts.

Check out these great photos of this year’s Comeback Trail!

Image (2)
Image (6)
Image (9)
Jenson - AHC
SCT 2022 shirts
Team A Family Affair 1
Team A Family Affair 5
Team OBX
Team Tysse DC
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2022 Kalikie Classic

2022 Kalikie Classic

Wow!  What a fantastic day we had hosting the 14th Annual Kalikie Classic on September 14th at Raspberry Falls in Leesburg. We had glorious weather and so many wonderful people coming together to support the center’s mission of providing long term services and support to stroke survivors, regardless of ability to pay. We are so grateful to everyone for making this such a successful day for the center! 

Special thanks go to this year’s Kalikie Partner, Double Wood Farm. Other major sponsors include Joanne Addas and Chris & Christie “Kalikie” Arnold.

This year’s Kalikie Cup trophy was won by Raj Bartakke, Jay Majmudar, Victor Sánchez and Dennis Woods. Congratulations to this awesome foursome for winning the title of CHAMPIONS for an entire year! 

Christie and everyone at Stroke Comeback are already looking forward to hosting the 15th Annual Kalikie Classic next year.  Mark it on your calendar – September 20, 2023 at Raspberry Falls. See you there!

001_2022 SCC Kalilie Golf_Jenifer Morris Photography
144_2022 SCC Kalilie Golf_Jenifer Morris Photography
140_2022 SCC Kalilie Golf_Jenifer Morris Photography
139_2022 SCC Kalilie Golf_Jenifer Morris Photography
136_2022 SCC Kalilie Golf_Jenifer Morris Photography
135_2022 SCC Kalilie Golf_Jenifer Morris Photography
132_2022 SCC Kalilie Golf_Jenifer Morris Photography
131_2022 SCC Kalilie Golf_Jenifer Morris Photography
123_2022 SCC Kalilie Golf_Jenifer Morris Photography
120_2022 SCC Kalilie Golf_Jenifer Morris Photography
098_2022 SCC Kalilie Golf_Jenifer Morris Photography
095_2022 SCC Kalilie Golf_Jenifer Morris Photography
090_2022 SCC Kalilie Golf_Jenifer Morris Photography
088_2022 SCC Kalilie Golf_Jenifer Morris Photography
087_2022 SCC Kalilie Golf_Jenifer Morris Photography
085_2022 SCC Kalilie Golf_Jenifer Morris Photography
081_2022 SCC Kalilie Golf_Jenifer Morris Photography
063_2022 SCC Kalilie Golf_Jenifer Morris Photography
013_2022 SCC Kalilie Golf_Jenifer Morris Photography
009_2022 SCC Kalilie Golf_Jenifer Morris Photography
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2022 Thriving with Aphasia celebration

2022 Thriving with Aphasia celebration

We were so pleased to welcome well over 150 Stroke Comeback Center members, family, friends and supporters on June 30th at the State Theatre for our first ever Thriving with Aphasia celebration. We gathered together to enjoy tasty treats, great live music from the Surf Jaguars and a moving program presented from Stroke Comeback Center members Mike Settles, Kim Dyer and Michael Hayden, who shared how they not only live, but thrive, with aphasia. Scroll through these photos to share in the fun. We are so grateful to Jenifer Morris Photography for providing her services for this great evening!

Stroke Comeback Center would like to extend a very special thanks to our sponsors who made this wonderful evening possible. THANK YOU!


007_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
020_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
021_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
023_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
048_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
050_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
063_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
073_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
074_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
085_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
089_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
110_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
120_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
134_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
148_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
186_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
198_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
216_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
238_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
240_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
060_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
242_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
241_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
239_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
229_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
228_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
227_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
218f_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
214_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
212_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
162_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
161_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
159_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
131_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
094_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
083_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
081_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
080_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
069_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
068_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
067_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
062_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
252_2022Thriving With Aphasia_JeniferMorrisPhotography
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2022 Annual Summer Picnic

2022 Annual Summer Picnic

After a two year hiatus, our members were finally able to gather in person on June 5 for our Annual Summer Picnic at Lake Fairfax Park. This picnic was bigger and better than ever. We had over 100 members, friends, family members, and SCC team members join in the fun. Click on the arrows below to scroll through some great shots. We are very grateful to Jenifer Morris Photography for taking these wonderful photos.


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Do More 24

2022 Do More 24

Together we raised over $80,000 and took the top spot on the Do More 24 Leaderboard!

Thank you to all 600+ of you who gave generously during the campaign, and to everyone who shared our message and encouraged others to donate.

We’d like to extend a special welcome to our new donors – we’re glad you’re a part of our Stroke Comeback Center community.

If you did not have the chance to participate in this year’s Do More 24, we always welcome donations on our website. It’s never too late to help ensure that our meaningful programs remain available to ALL survivors, regardless of their ability to pay.

See how your Do More 24 donation makes a difference in this quick video.

Special thanks to our top sponsors


145 Park St., S.E. Vienna, VA  22180
(703) 255-5221

50 W Edmonston Drive, Suite 301, Rockville, MD 20852
(301) 605-7620

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