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10:00 am Selected Topics 2 (Beth) Persuade Me (Susie) Slow Road to Better (Melissa)
THRIVE Yoga for All Abilities (Alycia from District Adaptive Yoga; no class 3/26) Talk It Out (Lauren) THRIVE Helping Hands 2 (Denise) (30 minutes)
    Presentation Group (Laurie)
11:15 am All Talk (Beth & Whitney) Book Club I (Lauren) Presentation Group (Laurie)
What’s the Word 2 (Kristen) Selected Topics II (Susie) Mind Over Matter (Melissa)
01:00 pm Book Club 2 (Kristen & Beth) Selected Topics III (Lauren) Trivia (Melissa)
Trivia (Whitney) Number Crunchers (Susie) Cognitive Strategies (Laurie)
02:15 pm Read Out Loud (Kristen) What’s the Word III (Lauren) Think Tank (Laurie)
Tech 4 U(Beth)   What’s the Word 2 (Melissa)
Memory 101 (Whitney)    
03:30 pm     Organize and Plan This! (Laurie)
TIME Vienna Rockville Virtual
10:00 am Selected Topics 3 (Beth)   Selected Topics 2/3 (Susie)
Verbs (Whitney)   Book Club 2 (Melissa & Lauren)
    Write It / Edit It (Laurie)
11:15 am What’s the Word 3 (Beth)   TV Talk: Global Leaders (Laurie & Lauren)
Writing Toolbox 3 (Kristen)   Sports Trivia (Susie)
Tech Tools for Writing (Whitney)    
01:00 pm Book Club 3 (Beth)   Selected Topics Together (Melissa)
TED Talks (Kristen)   What’s the Word 3 (Susie)
    Murder Mysteries (Laurie)
02:15 pm Mind Over Matter (Kristen)   Big Picture Politics (Melissa)
    TV Talk: Yellowstone S4 (Susie)
03:30 pm      




10:00 am Parts of Speech (Amy) THRIVE Function: Arm and Body Power (Amanda) Escape This! (Laurie)
Top 100 Films (Susie) Cognitive Strategies (Lauren)  
11:15 am Write It/Edit It (Amy) THRIVE Function: Hand Power (Amanda) Keep Current (Laurie)
TED Talks + (Susie) Keep Current (Lauren)  
01:00 pm     Book Club 3 (Susie)
02:15 pm Selected Topics 4 (Susie)    
TIME Vienna Rockville Virtual
01:00 pm     THRIVE Music (Brandon)
    THRIVE No Limits Fitness (DPI)

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