I am grateful for my new cab service called Uber. It gives me the freedom and independence I have definitely needed after being stuck with only two options, Metro Access and Taxi Access which have their drawbacks. Metro Access has a 30 minute window for when they should show

This year was very nice for my wife and I. We only had 6 people for dinner this year but it was quite special. Lots of food and wonderful drinks. The turkey was made in an electric fryer. It was a 13 pounder and was cooked in one hour.

I am at Chicago's Wrigley Field – small field!! I drive to University of Chicago's football field. Home of first atom chain reaction – that is not on the signs. I went to Al's Italian Beef for lunch and Girls & The Goat Restaurant for dinner. I dined …... !!!

Lets talk about it. Not only is this a great idea for survivors but it is also great for everyone.  Are you a sports fan?  If so, we can look at football, baseball, basketball, golf, bowling and ping pong are examples of  opportunities for exercising your body and your brain. We are always working

Two years later, I finally finished my project of cross-stitching a stocking of Kona. I did as I promised of working on it then putting it away from boredom then starting it again later. I think it’s a labor of love and it keeps me out of trouble.

It happened 10 years ago. My wife believed in me. She showed up to Bethesda, MD. She told me that I would make it. She flew from Seattle, Washington to Ronald Reagan Airport in D.C. She got there in the morning of Monday July 9, 2007.

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