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Virtual Weekly Class Schedule

Session 4: August 5 – October 4, 2024

* Click Group Name for Description

TIME Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:00 Word Games 1 (Laurie) Slow Road to Better (Melissa) Selected Topics 2/3 (Susie) Escape This! (Laurie)  
Number Crunchers (Lauren) THRIVE Helping Hands 2 (Denise)

(No class 8/27)

Book Club 2 (Melissa)    

Special time: 10:30-11:00

THRIVE Helping Hands 1 (Denise)

(6 week session; No class 8/5, 8/26, 9/2)

It’s Your Move (Laurie) Write It / Edit It (Laurie)    
  THRIVE Yoga for All Abilities 5-week Mini Session (August 6 – 27)      
11:15 Cognitive Strategies (Laurie) Presentation Group (Laurie) TV Talk: Global Leaders (Laurie) Keep Current (Laurie)  

THRIVE Full Body Fitness (Denise)

(6 week session; No class 8/5, 8/26, 9/2)

Mind Over Matter™ (Melissa) Sports Talk (Susie)    
Brain Benders (Melissa)        
01:00 Book Club 1 (Laurie) Trivia (Melissa) Selected Topics Together (Melissa) Book Club 3
Start your Motor (Melissa) Organize and Plan This! (Laurie) What’s the Word 3 (Susie)   THRIVE No Limits Fitness (DPI)
    Murder Mysteries (Laurie)    
02:15 Text Thread (Melissa) Think Tank (Laurie) Big Picture Politics (Melissa)    
Sentence Builders (Laurie) Listen Up (Melissa) TV Talk: Yellowstone S4 (Susie)    
03:30 TV Talk: Your Honor (Laurie)        
Read Out Loud
05:00 I Love Music (Melissa)        
  Level 1: Discussion and tasks are a conversational level with minimal support for word finding and organization. Class moves quickly.
  Level 2: Discussion and tasks are at a single sentence level with moderate support for talking and listening. Class is moderately paced with occasional repetition.
  Level 3: Discussion and tasks are at a single word level with significant support for talking and listening. Class moves at a slower pace with frequent repetition.
  Level 4: Discussion and tasks encourage use of talking, pointing, drawing, and gesturing with maximal support. Class moves slowly with consistent repetition.
  All Levels: These groups accommodate members of all communication abilities.
  THRIVE classes

Note: There is ONE holiday this session: Labor Day: Monday, September 2.

Registration Process

Returning members can register during your classes or by emailing

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See Vienna Weekly schedule here.
See Rockville Weekly schedule here.
See THRIVE Weekly schedule here.
See Combined Weekly schedule here.

Note: An email / text will be sent to members for any unexpected cancellations. Since we are virtual, we do not have to worry about weather, but we could have technology issues.

What are Virtual Classes?
Virtual classes use technology (computer with camera and microphone, smartphone or tablet) and free software (Zoom) to deliver classes at a distance by linking survivors with clinicians for groups, education or individual consultation.  This technology allows survivors face-to-face communication with others in the stroke and brain trauma community without leaving home.  Research has proven that although different, it is an effective way to work on skills.

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145 Park St., S.E. Vienna, VA  22180
(703) 255-5221

50 W Edmonston Drive, Suite 301, Rockville, MD 20852
(301) 605-7620

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