Blessings From the Mulberry Tree by Nicole

As I sit near the mulberry tree waiting for my blessings to return, blessings of memories I lost during my stroke, I began to feel the cool breeze dazzling through the mystical tree leaves. As I look up, I immediately realize my blessings are returning like flash lightning.

Like fireflies during warm summer nights, the wonder of it all shows me how to reach out and gently catch the memories as they pass by.

The new reflections of my recurring memories allow the leaves on the mulberry tree to touch like warn silk on my skin, taking my breath away.

Unto me, thank you for the blessings…


I am in awe of the beauty of the long summer nights that bring joy from the shading of the mulberry tree leaves.

Reaching for my guiding light, I look up between the leaves and see the twinkling stars in the sky that take away the darkness and bring beautiful sparkles to my memories.

In the past, as I lived the dream and reminisced about how I could recapture my memories, I never imagined they would return like a brilliant whirlwind when I least expected.

Unto me, thank you for the blessings…


As my blessings gently tap on my inner strength, bringing many moments of clarity, I am deeply grateful for the healing.

Although my short-term memory continues to be a bit of a brain fog, I am overwhelmed with the swift return of my enriched long-term memory.

There is no greater love than to share the commitment of my blessings I recovered through life experiences. 

Unto Thee

Thank you for the Blessings of my Memories

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