Rise to Higher Ground by Nicole

Rise to Higher Ground

On this autumn day, as I rise to higher ground in my beautiful balloon, I realize I am falling madly in love with the sunshine.

As I Invite the sun into my life, the lamp of light taps on my spirit and humbles my heart.

The gentle guiding force of the sunshine reminds me, it does not matter how difficult my day was on yesterday, the sun rises and brings joy in the morning.

Float Up with Me


Looking up in my exquisite balloon and watching the cirrus clouds as they quietly pass under the rainbow, I am overwhelmed with peace.

As I relax in my dwelling place, I feel the calm air that calls me in with delight.

Drawing nearer to the magic of the sun, I briefly review the peaks and valleys of my life.  

Float Up with Me


In a twinkling of an eye, having the sunshine in my direct view, I realize my air visit is just for the early morning. 

Descending from the sky, I will end this wonderful visit knowing that the sunshine is my lifeline.

Understanding that grace is extended by accepting this sunny brand-new day, I see this day as a sign of passage.

Float Down with Me


Returning to hallow ground, I know this glorious experience brings me to a point whereby I will be at peace with those things I cannot change.

Knowing I am the leader of my destiny, I will move forward to who I hope to be.

Being blessed in thy sight, I am now inspired with the freedom to write the first page of the next chapter of my life.


 “Rise up with wings like eagles

Run and not grow weary

Walk and not faint”

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