Huh, Now Ain’t That Good News by Nicole

Early most morning, a little bird comes to my window and sings to me a beautiful song.




Huh, Now Ain’t That Good News.

Each day I hold on to life very tightly and give thanks to grace for another day.

Huh, Now Ain’t That Good News.

I think back when I was on the floor for two days, before getting medical attention for my stroke. Now some days I walk around my home without pain in my body and sing a song, “This is the Day That the Lord has Made, I will Rejoice and be glad in it.”

Huh, Now Ain’t That Good News.

A day do not past when my eyes will not stumble across the exact location on the side of my bed where I laid, in and out of consciousness, and I play back how I prayed that I would be lifted up off the floor.  During the two days, after several attempts, my spirit told me, “this is the day you will get up off the floor”; and so I did.

Huh, Now Ain’t That Good News.

In my younger years, I was looked at as the “wild one”. My youngest son even referred to me as a ‘hippie’. Don’t know why.

My mother would tell me, “Girl, you are going to die with your boots on”.  As a little girl, of course I didn’t understand what that meant. After years of wisdom, I finally got it. I was born with a fiery spirit and instead of going out like a bull in a china shop, I must take that fiery spirit and do good things with it.

Huh, Now Ain’t That Good News.

During my most recent break from the Stroke Comeback sessions, It was my plan to read ‘Stacey Abrams’ book, Minority Leader, How to Lead from the Outside and Make Real Change.

Well as I began to read, I realized it was the new normal me reading her book, not theold normal me. Since my stroke, my eyes become weary after just a little reading. I become frustrated and put the book down.

So I decided to pace myself. I would do a little reading, put the book down when my eyes became weary; later go back and enjoy the reading a little more; excited because I could not wait to turn the next page of Stacey’s book.

Huh, Now Ain’t That Good News.

When I become so exhausted, my words double up, and I began to speak what I refer to as “gibberish”, I tell my family, I got to go. I am going into diminishing returns. I rest by taking a nap, regroup and go along with the day or night.

And Huh, Now Ain’t That Good News.

When my spirit becomes so sad because the “old normal me” is pretty much gone, at least it feels like it, and the “new normal me” rises up each morning with a, “good morning Nicole, not let’s see what we can accomplish today”. I give in and say, well it’s possible the “new normal me” is here to stay, I must ride her wings for the day until she tells me it time take a break, and rest now.

And Huh,    Now     Ain’t    That    Good     News.

To Be Continued—–

This was fun! However, when I began to write some of my Stroke Comeback presentations, in the beginning, sadness comes over me. Because I am a verbal person, I am reliving what I am writing. Then I find contentment because everything I am thinking, I am able to put it in writing. It’s like taking the shackles off of my writing. In a way, it’s like giving therapy to myself.


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