Exercise with Recovery by Randy

Lets talk about it. Not only is this a great idea for survivors but it is also great for everyone.  Are you a sports fan?  If so, we can look at football, baseball, basketball, golf, bowling and ping pong are examples of  opportunities for exercising your body and your brain. We are always working on our BRAINS and BODIES. Exercise your BRAIN and your Body.

Limited mobility doesn’t mean you can’t workout. Help the refs to make good calls, that is a brain workout. Its about movement, whether its our brain or our body.  There are so many possibilities, use the wave, what is the wave? It is what you see in the stands at a game or watching it on TV. You stand up and raise your hands in one motion.

There are easy classes that anyone can do. We, as well as anyone can exercise by using a chair, a wall or a door. We do squats, push-ups, biceps and triceps. Our classes are used by survivors that do and do not have any paralysis on their left or right arm or leg. It is amazing to watch how hard they work with their recovery.

Even though our recovery is hard, it is doable. Some men and women that are survivors do not realize what they have accomplished with their recovery. It is the caretakers, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, dads and moms that tell us and show us about our recoveries. This is why exercise is so very helpful and important. Watch what we do:

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