Patience and Gentleness

In layperson’s terms, we know what Aphasia is. Aphasia is after having a stroke, sometimes when we try to speak the words and the words will not come. We internally know what the words are we are trying to express, but it feels like it’s, as they say, on the tip of our tongue. The words feel like they are on the tip of our brain but will not spill over. When the words will not come, it feels like there are stagnant brain cell messengers trying to switch over to replace the brain cell messengers that burned out during our stroke.

We find ourselves pushing and breathing from our diaphragm when the words will not come. When the words finally appear we can, exhale. Sometimes in a way, after having a stroke, it’s like learning to speak again from a baby’s breath. We have somewhat gotten use to our daily chore of speaking in Aphasia language.

In this Blog I am going to simulate Aphasia by bringing her alive. I am going to tell you a story about Aphasia and her Stroke Comeback Center partner, Survivor.

Now Aphasia is her code name. Her first name is Patience and her last name Gentleness.

At the end of this story, eventually Aphasia and Survivor come to a meeting of the minds by deciding to be in a perfect reunion.

Okay Stroke Comeback Center Survivors and Strivers, no chains are holding us, so let’s rock and roll!

Aphasia:        Knock, Knock
Survivor:        Who’s there?
Aphasia:        Aphasia
Survivor:        Aphasia who?
Aphasia:        You know me, I am Aphasia, Patience Gentleness, who knocks and knock at your door each day.
Survivor:        Oh, I know you Aphasia, who knocks at my door each day. Sometimes I get so discouraged and wish you would just go away.
Aphasia:        Survivor, today will you be rough and tough with me, or gently allow me to play and just let me be.
Survivor:        But what will I do when the words will not flow.  Please tell me how I will allow my vocabulary to grow.
Aphasia:        Now be patient Survivor, I ask you to continue to push and push the words from your brain.  Push and push until your words began to rain.
Survivor:        Oh my Aphasia, whose brain limbs stretches far and wide.  You have such beautiful branches that almost reach the sky.
Aphasia:        Just remember Survivor when your words will not come, don’t run and hide; that’s no such fun.
Survivor:        Aphasia will you show me your Patience when I am feeling up-side down and inside-out; those days will you please gently direct my route.
Aphasia:        Pay attention Survivor, you may have a plan.  When you lose your words, push and push by showing them, “Yes I Can”.
Survivor:        When my words tumble up, and they don’t make sense, will Gentleness show up and take a bow when I am too tense.
Aphasia:        Now, now, Survivor, when your words will not come, patiently wait, they are just on the run.
Survivor:        Well Aphasia, notwithstanding a miracle, you will never completely go away. So I guess I will accommodate you and welcome you to stay.
Aphasia:        Survivor, believe in yourself and know I will be here if you call, to catch you with my patience and gentleness whenever you fall.

Words of Thought: I thank the Stroke Comeback Center (SCC) for showing me, as a survivor and a striver, I can still rock and roll!  I thank the SCC for reminding me, “mountains are still being moved in my life; strongholds are still being loose”. We are all special in SCC; we made it through our stroke.

Comments: I thank my sister Rev. Maude Harrison-Hudson, who would gently mention to me, after I returned home from in-patient rehabilitation, to think of patience and gentleness, when the words will not come. Love you Maude

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