My Footprint in the Sand – Come Walk with Me

Today as I humbly walk the walk, I will never lose the gift of wonder.

As I walk the walk embracing my flaws, I will try to get right what I got wrong yesterday. I will remold my soul from sculptured clay while experiencing the rite of passage.

Yes, come walk with me

As I walk the walk, I will virtually visit my connections with family and friends, while remembering that the sum of all the people I have met in life is like a garden full of budding roses.

As I walk the walk, with my foot in the sand, I must remember, there can be no tree without the roots; the true roots of my soul that springs up and lives life out loud.

Yes, come walk with me

As I walk the walk, I will forgive those who have trespassed against me; and, I will request forgiveness from those who I have trespassed against. In doing so, I must remember, “When you change the tribe, the tribe changes you.”

As I come full circle while testing the winds, I will find that missing link that makes me whole. I will release the prison of my past as I continue to explore the bright light of the stars; the stars that bring me quiet time which can be a lovely relaxing companion.

Yes, come walk with me

As I walk the walk, completing my arduous journey, I accept that time is on the horizon. As I pass on the wisdom of grace and mercy that is so graciously afforded me, I will remember the words that gently resonate …embrace my faith and protect it.

Yes, Come Walk With Me

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