HealthSouth Stroke Group – Loudoun County by Randy

HealthSouth Rehabilitation Loudoun Hospital. We spoke to at least 25 survivors and caregivers. This was the first time that Laura and I were asked to speak that this stroke group. By the way Laura is my wife. This was the second stroke group that I have been at this hospital. These groups are monthly, which can be a great support to survivors and caregivers.

I talked about me as what it is like to be a survivor. So much has changed since my recovery began. I was unable to do so many thinks back then. It was great to be able to talk about all the things I can do now. I did share my struggle with isolation. Laura was a work and I was at home with Rudy. Thank goodness that my little boy was there for me.

I was able to start writing again 2 years after my stroke. TopGolf is located in Loudoun County. It’s a fun place to get ready for the Kalikie Classic Golf Tournament. Have used the use iFly in Loudoun as well. It was pretty cool. Much of what I have done are silicone wristbands and paracord bracelets.

Laura talked about what is was like to be a caregiver. She also filled in some blanks because I do not remember everything that happened to me. I think we gave them some good information and more importantly hope.

Obviously Laura and I spoke about the Stroke Comeback Center. The community has changed my life from being very involved with the SCC. Being there is like being at home.

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