Gratitude Letter

Dear Stroke Comeback Center (SCC),

After having a stroke, I am grateful for all of the reassurance you have provided when I was lost in the wilderness and could not find my way.

I thank you for teaching me I can continue to enjoy my journey in life without skipping a beat.

At times when I only recognized the old normal me, I thank you ‘SCC’ for gently showing me how to accommodate the new normal me.

Thank you for understanding me and showing me how to accept and embrace the new normal me when the old normal me is pecking at my door.

I thank you for showing me, it’s okay to let go of my pride, after realizing I cannot do some of the things I could do before my stroke and showing me how to patiently ride out the storm.

I thank you for giving me a temporary home to visit each week and share with the stroke survivors and strivers, although some of us may have an injured left wing, we can still fly on our right wing.

I thank you for showing me when aphasia comes a knocking, patiently wait and welcome her with gladness.

I thank you ‘SCC’ for teaching me how to bring aphasia alive without being afraid and welcoming her with open arms.

After having my stroke, I thank you for gently showing me I do not have to be lost, but be a witness of joy in the midst of it all.

And above all ‘SCC’, I give you my gratitude for showing me I can adapt to my new way of life with peace, beyond measures I never believed was possible or imagined.

SCC, I Truly Truly Thank You For Your Services…..

Nicole –

Comments: As I began the year of 2020, it is my hope to welcome and invite stroke survivors and strivers to rise up and be at peace with their new normal.

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