Stroke is Life Changing by Perry

Stroke is life-changing.

Right Leg: I drive with my right leg on the gas pedal – no pressure off and on, no feeling on right leg. When I drive, pressure off and on gas, I start and stop – next period … quick … quickly stop…. Quickly….

(My memories: The 2 daughters in car seats, their hands holding on the car, and bounce and stop drive — I had no pressure in right leg). I walked, like ankle had heavy ball on right leg. I am sorry!! I felt no pressure right leg!)

Right Arm: I am typing and write, speech therapists made me practice using my right arm, and it frustrated me!! (it matters, thank you all therapists!) Fingers can not feel. My fingers can work a screwdriver and button on/off, small things my daughters help me.

Brain: I am thinking brain: “1 + 1. (no answer!! next question) I watch TV, space ship next launch. I enjoy computer science, programming … what do I do? (no answer) ….. I eat next dinner? …. I can play racquetball… I can go to restaurants….“ At night, at bedtime, and I want to sleep. But brain is thinking, and brain can’t sleep!!

I bought sleeping pill (Costco), and I take 10-15 pills at night. It takes 1 hours, and I am sleeping. Prior nights, the sleep was 2-3 am, and I was awake. I had an appointment with sleep doctor, and she said it is sleep apnea (?). Do you do recommend stroke & sleep doctors to help with sleep?

Stroke is life-changing.

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