Perry’s Road Trip, Part 1

I rented an RV with room for my dog and me, sleeping and toilet and kitchen.

Wed –  9/13

I drove to POA (Pennsylvania ….) Turnpike, police turned  on the lights. I pulled car over.  My speech was like stuttering sometimes and I sometimes had eye contact for officer. The cop said drunk. My stroke, and aphasia card from wallet: “Communication.  I have aphasia a communication impairment.  My intelligence is intact.  I am not drunk, retarded, or mentally unstable.”  Police read (I saw “I am not drunk”) and laughed.  Police car looked in my car, and said “Yes, not arrested”  I drove on.  No cop ticket, thanks to aphasia card in my wallet!!

Flight 93 National Memorial – 9/11 was plane.  The museum is where flight and plane crashed.  There is a path. I walked to flight.

Pittsburgh – Primanti Brothers can eat.  I watch the Food Network, and they said Pittsburgh Primanti Brothers can eat.  Peoples and I were taking photos.  A famous personality can stop by, and I was not stopped.

Home? – I see the big city. I don’t want to live there.  Pittsburgh, Pa not was stinky.

9/14 – Canton, Ohio

NFL Hall of Fame – I am at NFL Hall of Fame, and too many Redskins – like Joe Gibbs, John Riggins, Russ Grimm, and etc.  NFL Hall of Fame was disorganized.

Home? — I see the small city, and  is clean the Canton, Ohio.

9/15 – Cleveland, Ohio

Rock n Roll Museum – I will love the Museum.  The DJ radio was “rock and roll”, and here is city.  The museum is fun!! The museum is organized, and 5 floors to walk across.

Home? – I see the city, and home is Cleveland, Ohio.  Cleveland was sunny and 70s weather. Soon Cleveland weather, snow and cold. I don’t like cold outside.

9/16 – Dayton, Ohio

National Museum of the US Air Force – They have plane F-15E front yard. (I am computer graduate works F-15 in “E” fly flight, and Ada is computer programming.  But Ada is great large memory, and project can few memory – failure.)

They have 4 hangers, and it longer walking.  It has flight, and beginning and now future.  I had fun!!

Home? – I see the city, and I not do live Dayton, Ohio.

9/17 – Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis Motor Speedway – A huge speedway!! It see speedway museum, and under the speedway is a path to drive and park.  The museum had older cars and present cars.  I had fun!!

Home? – I like the city, and home is Indianapolis, Indiana – maybe.

9/18 – Chicago, Illinois

… to be continued ….

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