VAST stands for Video Assisted Speech Therapy. We began using close-up video of oral movements at the SCC in order to help our members with apraxia and/or aphasia learn to produce the tongue and lip movements necessary to produce speech. Members speak simultaneously with the video to speak sentences, paragraphs, stories, tell jokes or even deliver a toast or speech. Any member who is appropriate can be taught to use the VAST™ program to improve their ability to speak.

Our members had such success using this technique that we were encouraged to share the program with others who benefit from this method. We do this through our partnership with SpeakinMotion™, a small technology company which develops apps using the technique. SpeakinMotion™ also has a website that teaches the technique and provides custom recordings so that individuals can speak words, phrases, or sentences that are most important to them. Independent research conducted in the Aphasia Lab at the University of South Carolina, showed that survivors with non-fluent aphasia produce 60% more words after training with the VAST technique. You can read about this research here.

To read more about the VAST™ technique and locate the app click here:

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