Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Stroke Comeback Center in Vienna and Rockville will be closed until further notice. On-line classes are now being offered. Please check out our Virtual/On-line programming under our "Programs" tab.


In person classes are suspended at all physical centers until further notice. Stay connected! Give virtual classes a try.

Click here to view our comprehensive schedule, which includes all class offerings hosted by all four centers.

Note: There are TWO holidays this session: Monday, May 25th (Memorial Day) and Friday, July 3rd.

What is a Virtual Class?

Virtual classes are a way for survivors to use technology and have face-to-face communication with others without leaving home. Research has proven that although different, it is an effective way to work on skills.  Learn more about Virtual classes here.


To register for temporary Leesburg virtual classes, please email Laurie directly at:

Click here to access Temporary Vienna Virtual Schedule.

Click here to access Temporary Rockville Virtual Schedule.

Click here to access Virtual Weekly Class Schedule.

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