Aphasia: I Am Life By Perry


Aphasia can have the scenarios.

Aphasia: Do I is restaurant?

I can’t process 2 or more words in the situation (I am aphasia.)

The waitress lady said “(A) pizza, (B) hot dog, and (C) chicken hamburger…”. I am talked “pizza, not pizza. No. no. no.” The list is confusing. (I am aphasia.) I talked “I need water and hot dog…” I do not want hot dog. The wait is still minutes. I am confused. I wanted chicken hamburger and do not say.

It is tough, and lists were confusing, and I speaking with waitress.

Waitress ask “Mustard? Vinegar? …Honey mustard?” I said “I want mustard.” – no. I did not say “I want vinegar” — yes. (I want vinegar.) The list is confusing. (I am aphasia.)

Aphasia: Directions?

I can no speech, and I can tell daughters to have the patience. When twin daughters were 11-12 years old, I said directions in the car: “Right. Right. Not left.” I can’t speak directions, but I follow directions in my car. I follow directions!! And my speaking is not telling of abilities.

Aphasia: Haircut?

I go to the haircut. I want cut hair: The back haircut is back full straight. I can’t speak. The haircut is not properly haircut.

Aphasia: The police saw I speedway drive?

I am not drunk – speak is aphasia. I take wallet, and I pick aphasia cards. I show policeperson. The numbers: 1. I have aphasia. 2. My intelligence is intact. The police man wrote ticket my drive.

Aphasia: Home repairs and credit card

I surf webpages. I am scared, and do not call!! Taylor or Delaney calls service, and I ask her to call service. The daughters are college, and messages services phone numbers.

I have problems with credit card. I ask Taylor is calls about problems with credit card, and problems of month credit card bill.

Aphasia: Vote

My polling location in Loudoun Virginia. I give Picture ID driver’s license. You pronounce name — pronounce name is hard. Next time, I can pronounce name. I not tell street numbers of home. I can’t speak in numbers — living home address and cost and mile and phone and etc.

Aphasia: Bills

I pay car financial services — $428.71 – I can’t write four hundred and twenty. I pay a $500.00 check.


I do try speech, and …. Slow … brain … mouth (I use brain (first), and (second) speech words. I am aphasia, problem when room is noisy). The speech therapists are saying me, and “Brain. Brain. S-l-o-w. I is slow”!! I am waiting long years…. next patience!!

Definitely: I am speech aphasia!!

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